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These latest projects reflect my style in interiors: a polished and unique atmosphere


From designing the floors, ceilings, lighting and wall moulding to aranging the client´s furniture and art collection, this project was a post-pandemic classical style revival. 


  • Quito, Ecuador.

  • Personalized terrazo floors.

  • Teak hardwood Versailles parquet.

  • Brass wall paneling.

  • Red kitchen.

  • Belgian mouldings.

Read the Clave! article in this link

Casa al río

Part Roman Palazzo, part Loire Valley Chateau, this superb house combines the best details and materials from a classical repertoire with the comfort of contemporary living on the tropics.


  • Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  • Carrara marble checkered floors.

  • Teak hardwood Versailles parquet.

  • de Gournay wallpaper.

  • Bisazza mosaics.

  • Belgian mouldings.


Is it dark persimmon, red beet, black currant, old burgundy or bulls blood?

Regardless of how you want to call it, you will be discussing the color of this unique apartment in the city as soon as you enter the space.


  • Quito, Ecuador.

  • Original artwork.

  • Original design / hand made wool rugs.

  • Vintage czech crystal chandeliers.

  • Ostrich leather accent pieces.

Tantra Design

Submerge yourself in an admosphere far far away from reality.




  • Tantra hotel, Tantra loft, Tantra design

  • Diagonal lines

  • Unparallel reflexion

  • Red textures

Photos by JAG Studios

The Lobbyist
Casas Project  2019

Following the examples of the kips bay show in New York or Casacor in Sao Paolo, Casas Magazine launched CasasProject where I designed an ephemeral interior inside an abandoned house.
I combine classical architecture, contemporary art and traditional crafts.

This space, #thelobbyist, won the magazine award and was featured in the cover of the june 2019 issue.



  • Quito, Ecuador.

  • Black and white porcelanato floors.

  • 3D concrete slabs ceiling.

  • Geometric wallpaper.

  • Velvet curtains.

  • Belgian mouldings.

  • Custom made candles.

Photos by Cecilia Puebla

Inside Out
Casas Project  2021

The lobby or foyer represents the first impression of building. We wanted to give a wow effect blurring the borders of this space and mixing architecture with contemporary art and design.




  • Quito, Ecuador.

  • Mosaic floor.

  • Reflective surfaces.

  • Hanging chandelier.

  • Curved pillars.

A walk in the park
Casas Project  2022

Bringing the outside in with an architectural and unique interpretation of  the three main elements found in a colonial patio or the town park, the fountain, the tree and the bench. 


Take a walk through the virtual tour




  • Quito, Ecuador.

  • Personalized mosaic floor.

  • Reflective fountain.

  • Interractive, mirrored tree.

  • Elio bench.

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